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The book is co-authored by George Walker and Jim Tolpin. Because this book is a text book more than anything else, it is not easy to review, nor is it easy to judge after just one look. My first impression is that it is a very good book. I try to take just a little bit from everything I read. This book is a book to be referred to, this book is the book you take out when you are working on your next sketch.
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By Hand and Eye

Instead of serving up a list of formulas with magical names i. Walker and Jim Tolpin show how much of the world is governed by simple proportions, noting how ratios such as ; and were ubiquitous in the designs of pre-industrial artisans. And the tool that helps us explore this world, then as now, are a pair of dividers. The key to good design is to master these basic "notes" - much like learning to sing "do, re, mi. It offers exercises, examples and encouragement in opening your inner eye, propping it up with toothpicks and learning the simple geometry that will help you improve your design.

Festool Fest 2 Days! Free returns for six months. Learn more. Main Projects by Geo. George Walker and Jim Tolpin clearly and eloquently explain how using ratios instead of decimal measurement can help free us to create more sophisticated designs, even as we give our calculators and digital calipers a rest. After reading this book, I found myself walking through downtown Manhattan, using my pointer finger and thumb as a pair of "dividers" to measure out buildings. Looking skyward, at the sweeping cables, and graceful arches of John Roebling's Brooklyn Bridge, I imagined his dividers walking off the graceful dimensions and ratios.

Can a book teach someone to sing? Throughout this book, George Walker and Jim Tolpin use music as a metaphor to explain the mechanics of design. The metaphor is helpful in understanding their material, but I wondered if the metaphor exposed a weakness in their method. Namely, that design, like music, is something you can develop only through the act of doing it and gauging the response of others to your work. But as I read the book for the third time during the editing process, I realized that Walker and Tolpin have indeed created a book that can teach you to sing. And they have done three things that no other book on furniture design has accomplished. They refuse to accept that furniture design is a system of secret codes and numbers that merely need to be applied at the drafting table to create beauty.

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Design well proportioned and elegant furniture with simple traditional geometric techniques using the dimensions of the human body. Learn to use basic geometric principals to create designs for well proportioned furniture based on the techniques used by th century artisans. We are rediscovering the pleasures of working wood with hand tools and the joy of mastering skills from a craft tradition that reaches far back into antiquity. This revolution, moved by the need to produce numerical cutlists for the efficient indexing of machines, moved the furniture design process away from the artisan's building trace focused on objects that occupy space and towards the graphic art language of engineers. Woodworkers saw not only hand work migrate away from their workbenches, but lost hold of the very act of design itself.

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