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being and time google books

Being and Time: A Revised Edition of the Stambaugh Translation - Martin Heidegger - Google книги

One of the landmarks of 20th-century philosophy, Heidegger's treatise is thought to have been the inspiration for such subjects as psychoanalysis, existentialism, ethics, hermeneutics, and more Martin Heidegger. One of the most important philosophical works of our time--a work that has had tremendous influence on philosophy, literature, and psychology, and has literally changed the intellectual map of the modern world. The Existential Analytic and the Interpretation. The Spatiality of BeingintheWorld. The Spatiality of Dasein and Space.
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Being and Time, part 2: On 'mineness'

Heidegger's voice can be heard with few of the jolting Germanicisms with which so many translations of Heidegger's texts have been burdened The translators of these lectures have succeeded splendidly in giving readers an intimation of the tensely insistent tone of the original German. Heidegger's concern with a linguistic preconsciousness and with our entrancement before the enigma of existence remains intensely contemporary. There is much that is new and valuable in this book, and McNeill and Walker's faithful translation makes it very accessible. Whoever thought that Heidegger If its rhetoric is 'hard and heavy' its thought is even harder and essentially more daring than Heideggerians ever imagined Heidegger could be. Heidegger's concepts of organism, animal behavior, and environment are uniquely developed and defined with intensity.

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A s Heidegger makes clear from the untitled, opening page with which Being and Time begins, what is at stake in the book is the question of being. This is the question that Aristotle raised in an untitled manuscript written years ago, but which became known at a later date as the Metaphysics. For Aristotle, there is a science that investigates what he calls "being as such", without regard to any specific realms of being, eg the being of living things biology or the being of the natural world physics. Metaphysics is the area of inquiry that Aristotle himself calls "first philosophy" and which comes before anything else. It is the most abstract, universal and indefinable area of philosophy. But it is also the most fundamental. With admirable arrogance, it is the question of being that Heidegger sets himself the task of inquiring into in Being and Time.

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  1. The publication in of Martin Heidegger's magnum opus, Being and Time, signaled an intellectual event of the first order and had an.

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