Writing and rhetoric book 6

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writing and rhetoric book 6

Writing and Rhetoric Series

Your Name. Your Email. Recipient's Name. Recipient's Email. Students will learn to create six-paragraph essays that are arguments against the common vices of people and arguments in favor of common virtues. For example, cowardice and boasting are criticized while courage and humility are commended. Available Summer !
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Writing & Rhetoric *Review* ~ Books 1-4

Writing and Rhetoric Series

Many classical educators have begun to implement the progymnasmata, the ancient classical exercises for teaching these skills. In the Writing and Rhetoric series, author Paul Kortepeter builds on the foundation of the progymnasmata and updates it with methods such as those recommended by Charlotte Mason. The progymnasmata are based on the idea that children should learn how to write by working from models rather than by dreaming up their own ideas. So students work through models of various forms of writing, beginning with narratives and working up through expository, descriptive, and persuasive writing. The series will eventually have twelve courses, each of which should take one semester to complete.

Writing & Rhetoric Book 6: Commonplace is a one semester course for grades 5 or 6 and up. It is the sixth of twelve one-semester books in the Writing & Rhetoric .
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Writing & Rhetoric - Homeschool Curriculum Spotlight Review

I was compensated for my time spent using and reviewing the materials. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Classical Academic Press is one of my favorite homeschool curriculum publishers. Designed by ancient teachers, it focuses on using a carefully sequenced series of exercises to teach these skills. Classical Academic Press has adapted this ancient methodology and carefully teaches this system in their book series, focusing on one aspect of the progymnasmata in each level.

Writing needs to be taught just like any other subject, and letting students be "free" to write without a model is often letting them jump in the deep end without learning to swim first! Students who complete the entire program will learn to write narrative, expository, descriptive, and persuasive essays while developing their own unique style. Each exercise is designed to teach a skill that can be employed across all subjects. Skills are arranged from simple to complex, and the cumulative nature of each chapter reviews skills from earlier in the book, helping students to build a solid foundation of writing skills. Students will learn to create six-paragraph essays that argue against the common vices of people and argue in favor of common virtues.


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  1. Writing & Rhetoric Book 6: Commonplace (Student Edition) continues the development of the art of persuasive writing and oration. Students will learn to create.

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