Fitz and the fool book 2 recap

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fitz and the fool book 2 recap

Fool's Quest Book Review - An Emotional Sequel

Posted by Elizabeth Hopkinson Aug 29, Not my first thought. A common thought when reading any story about Fitz and the Fool. The Fitz we see in this new trilogy is not the impulsive boy we remember from earlier stories, but rather a mature man who has learned at least partially the value of taking stock and being prepared before rushing into a situation. Neither will the other people in his life Nettle, Dutiful, Chade let him play the lone wolf any longer. So, instead of a headlong chase, we are once again given a gradually building story.
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HOW TO READ: ROBIN HOBB -- November 2018

Fool’s Quest: Yeah, we both cried. Got a problem with that?

Clearly it will go on my Best of list for this year, but what about that rating? I may have to petition our fearless leader Kat for a sixth star waiver, or a five-plus category. So, Kat, can I have 6 stars? Sorry, Bill. Sounds good. Yes, we still have long passages of Fitz musing on his life, detailed descriptions of clothes and food, and relationship, as always with Hobb, is the driver of nearly everything. Here he is, once again, finding himself in a new role in life and struggling to make sense of how he got there and what he should do next.

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The past few months have been difficult to find much reading time and even harder to find time to sit down and review that which I have read. Bee does not receive a lot of page-time in this novel, and when she does the complete juxtaposition in character from that of her father rubs a little raw at times.
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Fool's Assassin is the first book in the epic fantasy trilogy Fitz and the Fool , written by American author Robin Hobb. FitzChivalry "Fitz" is a bastard of the royal Farseer family of the Six Duchies, who had previously used his inherited magical skills in the service of his king. After his past heroic sacrifices, Fitz had allowed all but his closest family and friends to believe that he had been killed. Under the name Tom Badgerlock, Fitz had enjoyed ten peaceful years with his wife and children as landholder of Withywoods, once the country estate of his father. Fitz is reminded of the haunting disappearance of the Fool, a beloved friend who had helped shape Fitz's destiny since childhood, by the appearance of menacing, pale-skinned strangers close to his home. Their arrival precipitates a new crisis and new tragedies, including an imminent and powerful threat to the life of Fitz's young daughter, Bee Farseer.

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