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antony gormley one and other book

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The first person to officially occupy the plinth was Rachel Wardell from Lincolnshire. The Wellcome Trust has posted online at its website its series of oral-history interviews of the plinthers. The project was opened by the Mayor of London , Boris Johnson. Minutes before the official launch Stuart Holmes, an anti-smoking protester, managed to clamber onto the plinth and displayed a banner calling for a ban on tobacco. He did so and descended in the cherry picker used to carry participants to and from the plinth. Members of the public could apply for an hour on the plinth via the project's website.
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Antony Gormley at the Wellcome Institute. One and Other book launch - 20 Oct 2010

One and Other by Antony Gormley: review

Randomly selected from 35, applicants, they gave lessons in gymnastics and swing dance, they dressed as chimps, werewolves, kings, robots and Buzz Lightyear, they stripped naked or dressed in drag. They engaged in frequently woeful performance art, notably the man devoted to symbolising the life cycle by growing broccoli in a compost of his own excrement, eating the vegetable, excreting it, and repeating ad nauseam. A woman pleaded movingly, by proxy, from death row in Texas. A man articulated his theory that our planet is secretly controlled by dogs. A voice for the voiceless. For the philosopher Alphonso Lingis, it was an apotheosis of the 1.

Over a period of days from July to October , 2, people stood on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square for one hour. They were free to do as they chose during this period in the spotlight. Nobody could predict what would happen or the scale of the response. Many thousands applied for the 2, slots and candidates were selected randomly. Millions watched the events as they were all filmed and available online. Hundreds of thousands continued to turn to the website long after the project itself was finished. The event was a phenomenon, which we are grappling to understand.

By Chris Hilton From the Collections. What do the Wellcome Trust and Antony Gormley have in common? There is a also a characteristic sculpture by Gormley suspended from the ceiling in the foyer of the Wellcome Collection, Euston Road, welcoming visitors. Over the course of the summer the word entered rapidly into common parlance. Footage of all the plinthers was streamed live over the internet by Sky Arts with further coverage in traditional media as well as out in the blogosphere. After the project closed, the project website with all the footage was archived by the British Library. A whole year later, a book featuring some of the plinthers has recently been published by Random House.

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I am proposing to spend the hour reading an early Penguin Edition probably the first Penguin book ever issued while sitting on my Penguin deck chair, wearing a Penguin T-shirt and drinking coffee or perhaps champagne - if allowed! What I plan to do is in process: one idea is to mimic sculpture poses of the past, like the Thinker and the Kiss. It's brilliant. Reckon I'm going to cut my hair, just got back from 10 months in South America so it's quite long and stupid and i'm going to need to go for job interviews and stuff so it has to go Also have a packet of jelly babies to try and sweeten up the crowd. He also kindly uploaded before and after pictures, as well as giving a shout out to Plinthwatch.


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  1. He has put figures everywhere: gazing out to sea at Crosby Beach, stranded in the dry expanse of Western Australia, sitting atop sky scrapers in Manhattan, outstretched beside the A1 motorway and living and breathing on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.

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