Uml and design patterns book

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uml and design patterns book

Design Patterns

In class-based programming , the factory method pattern is a creational pattern that uses factory methods to deal with the problem of creating objects without having to specify the exact class of the object that will be created. This is done by creating objects by calling a factory method—either specified in an interface and implemented by child classes, or implemented in a base class and optionally overridden by derived classes—rather than by calling a constructor. The Factory Method [1] design pattern is one of the "Gang of Four" design patterns that describe how to solve recurring design problems to design flexible and reusable object-oriented software, that is, objects that are easier to implement, change, test, and reuse. The Factory Method design pattern is used instead of the regular class constructor for keeping within the SOLID principle of programming, decoupling the construction of objects from the objects themselves. This has the following advantages and is useful for the following cases, among others: [2]. Creating an object directly within the class that requires or uses the object is inflexible because it commits the class to a particular object and makes it impossible to change the instantiation independently of the class. A change to the instantiator would require a change to the class code which we would rather not touch.
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Software Architecture - Architectural patterns - Architecture vs Design pattern

Gang of Four Design Patterns

This web site uses cookies. By using the site you accept the cookie policy. Design patterns provide solutions to common software design problems. In the case of object-oriented programming , design patterns are generally aimed at solving the problems of object generation and interaction, rather than the larger scale problems of overall software architecture. They give generalised solutions in the form of templates that may be applied to real-world problems.

Book Applying UML and Patterns

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  1. This book teaches the skills of OOA/D using the UML notation. Fourth, design patterns communicate the "best practice" idioms and solutions that object- oriented.

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