Filling and wrapping math book answer key

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filling and wrapping math book answer key

Homework Answers from ACE: Filling and Wrapping ACE

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Cubic units and the volume of a rectangular prism (5th grade math)

answer uses cm as the height of the triangular bases. b. volume: 60 cm3 ( This answer uses the same base area Investigation 2. Filling and Wrapping. 1 .

Filling and Wrapping: Homework Examples from ACE

PowerPoint Lesson: 1. All Answers are found in the Zaption videos. Zaption Videos: 1. PowerPoint Lessons: 2. Zaption Videos: 3.

Answers involving pi were calculated using the p key on a calculator. If students use for pi, All Rights Reserved. Investigation 4. Filling and Wrapping. 1.
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ACE Investigation 2: 4, ACE R Investigation 3: 4 — 6, 13, - Randy Hudson.

Give the dimensions of all the possible boxes you can make. Which of the boxes described in part a has the least surface area? For this problem, students can visualize a box and decide how many cubes are on the base layer, and how many layers high the box is. Since we are talking about whole unit cubes we must look for factors of 40; one factor is the base layer and the other factor is the height. There may be more than one choice for length and width for a given base layer. If the base layer has 5 inch cubes then the length must be 5 inches and the width must be 1 inch or vice versa.

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