Germany and the second world war book series

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germany and the second world war book series

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This site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to administer and improve your experience on our site, to help diagnose and troubleshoot potential server malfunctions, and to gather use and demographic information. See our cookie policy. Skip to Content. Go to For Your Family. These books will help kids understand the events of one of the most interesting periods of modern history: World War II. On this list you'll find historical fiction to give context for the time period and convey what it really felt like for fighters on the front lines, kids and families back home, and Jews in hiding or sent to concentration camps. You'll also find engaging nonfiction books to help curious kids learn the facts or finish assignments for history class.
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This is the sixth volume in the comprehensive and authoritative series, Germany and the Second World War. It deals with the extension of a European into a global war in the period from to It focuses on the politics, strategy, and operations of the belligerent powers as Germany lost the initiative to the Allies, and it represents, both in content and in composition, the climax and turning points of the war. Series description This is the sixth in the magisterial ten-volume Germany and the Second World War series. The six volumes so far published in German take the story to , and have achieved international acclaim as a major contribution to historical study. The comprehensive analysis, based on detailed scholarly research, is underpinned by a full apparatus of maps, diagrams, and tables. Intensively researched and documented, Germany and the Second World War is an undertaking of unparalleled scope and authority.

From action-packed eyewitness accounts such as Guadalcanal Diary to devastating Holocaust memoirs like The Diary of Anne Frank and Night to the thrilling espionage tale of Operation Mincemeat , World War II is the subject of some of the most fascinating and influential nonfiction books ever written. Each year, seemingly dozens of new titles emerge to offer fresh perspectives and uncover fascinating details about the deadliest conflict in human history.
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Company E, was one of the first divisions to land on the beach during the Normandy invasion, June 6, US Army Photo. France and Britain declared war on Germany two days later, and the conflagration would soon stretch to every corner of the world. The scope and complexity of the war itself mirror the longstanding and deep-seated tensions — both in Europe and Asia — from which the war arose. The US Army has distributed reading recommendations so that soldiers and civilians can explore "the decisive role played by landpower in conflicts across the centuries," and a number of the books dive into World War II and its origins. Below are some of books selected by Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A.

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  1. Germany and the Second World War (German: Das Deutsche Reich und der Zweite Weltkrieg) Germany and the Second World War is the English translation of the series which Clarendon Press (an . The first edition of Volume IV also included a separate spiral-bound book of 27 maps in the original German version.

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