The book of waves form and beauty on the ocean

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the book of waves form and beauty on the ocean

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All these words come to mind when one thinks of the depth of the oceans. But in reality, oceans are noisy, crowded, chaotic places — their creatures vying for every bit of space they can get and striving every day for continued survival. We know more about parts of outer space than we know what the deepest waters hold. Most of the species that live below the surface remain undocumented, unstudied and mostly unknown not just to us common folk, but even the scientific community. What we do know is that the fragile ecosystems within the oceans are in danger from overfishing, pollution, plastics, radiation, climate change, acidification and other problems caused or exacerbated by humans. Reports of oceans heating up have become so common that the urgency they may have once inspired has slowed to a crawl. That comes through in his haunting images throughout the book.
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It has been travelled and explored since ancient times, while the scientific study of the sea— oceanography —dates broadly from the voyages of Captain James Cook to explore the Pacific Ocean between and The word sea is also used to denote smaller, partly landlocked sections of the ocean and certain large, entirely landlocked, saltwater lakes , such as the Caspian Sea and the Dead Sea. The most abundant solid dissolved in sea water is sodium chloride. The water also contains salts of magnesium , calcium , and potassium , amongst many other elements, some in minute concentrations. Salinity varies widely, being lower near the surface and the mouths of large rivers and higher in the depths of the ocean; however, the relative proportions of dissolved salts varies little across the oceans.

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View Larger Image. Ask Seller a Question. Publisher: Roberts Rinehart Pub. Celebrates the ocean wave phenomenon through photographs and text that includes a description of the lifecycle of waves, anecdotes from sailors and surfers and a metaphysical interpretation of waves. New Edition! Hi, Drew Kampion here.

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  1. From the Odyssey to The OC, the sea has always been a source of inspiration and delight for us land-dwellers.

  2. I purchased this book for my father-in-law who is now 87 years young. He surfed until he was approx. 60,has a home on the beach in Newport Beach, CA and.

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