How to refurbish a bookshelf

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how to refurbish a bookshelf

Before and After: How to Refurbish an Old Bookcase - Our Handcrafted Life

Whether it's a treasured heirloom or garage sale find, refinishing a bookcase is an easy do-it-yourself project. By following basic refinishing rules and using inexpensive woodworking materials, you can transform an old bookcase into a beautiful piece of furniture used to house books and decorative items or as a storage center for kids toys. With patience and persistence, you can revive a worn out bookcase in just a few days by refinishing it at home. Remove old paint. In a well-ventilated area, brush a thick coat of paint stripper on the painted surface of the bookcase with a wide, natural bristled brush and let it rest for 30 minutes. As the paint begins to lift away from the surface of the bookcase, gently scrape the paint residue with a stiff-bladed scraper.
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Refurbishing a Bookshelf!

If you have an old bookcase taking up space in your garage, learn how to refurbish it and make a beautiful addition to any room in your home.

Chalk Spray Paint; Is it worth trying?

How to Refurbish an Old Bookcase — Discover when to sand and restore a salvaged piece and when to paint. Plus, check out the before and after of our beautifully refurbished bookshelf. But I thought it might be helpful to see behind the scenes and get a peek into what goes through our heads when we save something from the side of the road. Sometimes we want to sand and stain the piece to bring it back to its original glory, and sometimes we decide to paint it to give it a fresh new look. Now that our kids are a little older, we are trying to move all of their toys and games out of our living room and into their own rooms.

Some people will want to refurbish a worn bookshelf instead of buying a new one. Refurbishing a worn bookshelf can be done in multiple ways and every refurbishment technique can completely change the look and feel of the bookshelf. Sand It Down When refurbishing, the first step is to sand. Start with the first small layer of the shelf and go slow. The sanding process will prepare your shelf for all other processes so you should try to do a good job. Generally, the worn parts of the paint and wood can be sandpapered off after a few strokes. After you have sanded down the bookshelf, be sure to wipe it clean.

Below is an affiliate link with the can of spray paint that I used. I felt like it would blend perfectly with the rest of my decor. You can use a furniture wax, but I have found that the furniture wax does not hold up as well to continued use with lots of little hands my kids touching it. Bottom line; The spray chalk paint was a quicker, maybe even a little smoother, method in comparison to using a regular old paint brush and can. The spray chalk paint is, however, more costly.

IT'S TIME TO FIX UP A SHELF! Join me as I sand, paint, and organize my old new shelf! DIY | Mirrored Nightstands (IKEA HACK!!!).
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How to Refurbish an Old Bookcase

Bookcases are useful all around the home — from book storage in a bedroom or office to a place to store knickknacks and picture frames in the living room — to store just about anything. If you have an old bookcase taking up space in your garage or basement or collecting dust in your office, transform it into a beautiful addition for any room in your home. Before you begin refurbishing your bookcase, determine how it is made; it is made of solid wood or particle board? Before you begin cleaning and refurbishing your bookcase, set up an area on a porch, patio, or garage with the door open. Make sure you work in an area that is well ventilated. After you drag out your bookcase from storage, wipe it down with a rag to remove any dust or cobwebs. If there is a thick layer of dust, spray a little cleaner on a rag and wipe it down.



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