Dali zensor 1 bookshelf speakers review

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dali zensor 1 bookshelf speakers review

DALI Zensor 1 review | What Hi-Fi?

With a clear heritage from our high-end series, the lightweight dome tweeter offers best in class resolution. This mix paper pulp and wood fibre makes the cones stiff and light which ensures that every micro detail in the signal is reproduced unfiltered. By choosing every driver component with great care, we make sure that no signal is lost or changed on its way through the loudspeaker. Only this way can we ensure that the DALI sound principles are preserved. Making sense! It even works excellently as front speaker in a 2.
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Published 12.12.2018

Dali Zensor 1 Review!

ZENSOR 1 – 5 star review by WHAT HI-FI? (UK)

Simplifi says after testing the wireless speaker system. The German hi-fi website, i-fidelity. The Dutch online magazine, AudioVideo2day. A splendid mid range and a powerful bass performance. A confident performance with great dynamism. A premium feel and a superb sound.


In preparing to review affordable loudspeakers, I typically put together a list of potential candidates I've discovered at audio shows, or that have been recommended to me by other Stereophile writers. I add to that list products I've learned about from press promotions, usually from companies whose products have impressed me in the past. I boil this down to a short list, then run it by Stephen Mejias to make sure I'm not tripping over The Kid's own quest for budget sonic nirvana. The result is then discussed with John Atkinson, who recommends an order for my next three or four review, to maximize the diversity of products in a given issue and, thus, our readers' enjoyment as well. Given how long it takes for a pair of review samples to be requested, shipped, slotted into the queue, and evaluated, by the time I'm ready to compare them to similar speakers in their price range, I may have forgotten the review candidates' precise retail price. As with all of my equipment reviews, my comments in the "Listening" section, below, are made without consideration of the speaker's retail price. The Zensor 1 bookshelf is smallest of the three Zensors, all of which share several design parameters.

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