Pioneer sp bs21 lr bookshelf loudspeakers pair

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pioneer sp bs21 lr bookshelf loudspeakers pair

Pioneer SP-BSLR loudspeaker |

I know this is nothing new If it's a 2. Right now I have a very basic 2. Price does not always correlate with sound quality. As with most 12v car electronics there is a production lifecycle so when a company no longer makes the product the prices are driven down by resellers. In this case the speakers on offer are not part of Pioneer's current lineup. You could look up reviews on the individual speakers offered in this set for a better idea of what to expect.
File Name: pioneer sp bs21 lr bookshelf loudspeakers
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Published 12.12.2018

Pioneer SP-BS21-LR Bookshelf Speakers

Pioneer SP-BS21-LR 80 Watt RMS 2-Way Speaker

Only twice have I gotten a series of negative letters. Point taken, but I think a review is more useful when it compares a component with similarly priced products that are still available, and that the reviewer has listened to extensively in his own reference system. They couldn't find them. One was even from a friend, a wealthy investment banker. I suggested he consider a number of other speakers at slightly higher prices. For the record: Before reviewing any component for Stereophile , I verify that 1 the manufacturer has at least five US dealers, 2 the model is currently in production, and 3 the company does not plan to discontinue it in the near future.

A knuckle rap on the top of the cabinet reveals solid construction but nothing too inert either. So far, so good. It weighs eight and a half pounds, which is light considering its size and build quality. In terms of sound I must admit there's a lot to like here. While it would be easy for me to dismiss the SP-BSLR's bass performance as non-existent, what is present seems richer and deeper than what the spec sheet would have you believe. Still, you'll want to mate it to a subwoofer if you plan on any sort of spirited, full-range listening. There is a bit of bump in the lower midrange no doubt one of the factors contributing to the illusion of more bass that lends more presence and weight to vocals, be it male or female.

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That's a pretty fancy lookin speaker, I especially like the big pioneer label off to the side, it's the thing you would see on the back of a car more than a speaker. I've sat on these speakers for a while putting off the review for multitudes of reasons. I did the DSP correction for them back in September and put the word out that they were craptastic, but I still see these getting recommended so here we are with a full write up of my impressions.

I used the SP-PK21BS package as one of my reference speaker systems in reviews after that and was always amazed by the speaker's sound and build quality. The black vinyl-wrapped wood grain cabinet has curved side panels, and the drivers are protected by perforated metal grilles they can be removed, but it's not easy. That speaker produces more spacious imaging with higher definition bass, and voices sound more natural than what you'll hear from the B News and design logo. Posted by : Unknown Saturday, March 22, Share This.

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