Archie and veronica comic book characters

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archie and veronica comic book characters

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Almost every character on Riverdale — Vegas the dog included — is pulled directly from Archie Comics , but unless you're an Archie diehard, you might not know how similar many of the show's live-action stars look to their comic counterparts and how different the actors look in real life. Riverdale Midge, played by Emilija Baranac, is pretty much the twin of illustrated Midge, but Emilija looks nothing like Ms. Klump when she's not wearing her Midge wig. Then there's Riverdale Fred Andrews, who looks pretty much the same as Luke Perry on any given day, but nothing like he does in the comics. Here, see what each Riverdale actor looks like compared to both the Riverdale and comic versions of their characters.
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Veronica Lodge

Archie Comic Publications, Inc. The company began in as MLJ Comics , which primarily published superhero comics. The initial Archie characters were created in by publisher John L. Goldwater and artist Bob Montana , [4] in collaboration with writer Vic Bloom. Archie Comics was also the title of the company's longest-running publication, the first issue appearing with a cover date of Winter Starting with issue , the title was shortened to simply Archie.

And while the gang's all back, intertwined in their own relationships, there are some pretty stark differences between the show and the comic books. And while some may be scratching their head at the difference in characters or storylines, that doesn't mean this show isn't entertaining, to say the least. So when Camila Mendes signed on, people were taken back by how much she looked like Veronica from the comics! Minus the bangs, Camila's dark hair, eyes, and gorgeous eyebrows won everyone over. However, Camila Mendes is actually Latina descent, something that comic book Veronica was not.

They're the Archie characters, but definitely not as we know them. Let's take a look at how the Riverdale crew compare to their comic counterparts Archie first appeared in as "America's typical teenager", a clumsy guy who loves playing guitar and will go to any lengths to impress the opposite sex and somehow manages to do it, despite dicking Betty and Veronica around a lot. Riverdale Archie is more angsty than klutzy, but he still loves the guitar and girls — although so far the focus is less on the iconic love triangle and more on his affair with his teacher. Also he spends a lot more time shirtless not that I'm complaining. Like her comic counterpart, Riverdale's Betty is the quintessential girl next door — smart, kind, charitable, and crushing hard on her best friend Archie.

Betty and Veronica also known as Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica was an ongoing comic book series published by Archie Comics focusing on "best friends and worst enemies" Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. Betty first appeared in Pep Comics 22 while Veronica made her debut a few months later, in Pep Comics 26, as an immediate rival to Betty for Archie's affections.
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10 Veronica Lodge Was Not Latina In The Comics

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