Quotes about books and tea

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quotes about books and tea

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Five Snuggly Books, Quotes, and Tea! [CC]

31 Must Know Tea Quotes

These authors, writers, and thinkers know that magical worlds await in between two covers and a spine. Beach read or literary classic , nothing beats a great book. Maybe this is why we read, and why in moments of darkness we return to books: to find words for what we already know. You know you've read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend. The story is truly finished — and meaning is made — not when the author adds the last period, but when the reader enters. The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.

quotes have been tagged as tea: C.S. Lewis: 'You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.', Cassandra Clare: 'I don'.
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Quotations about Tea. I'm sure these quotations about tea don't even begin to scratch the surface of what's been said and written throughout history about this magical elixir brewed from an unassuming leaf, but I think it's a lovely start. Who knows how many other beautiful words and thoughts are out there, hiding from English speakers because they are in another language. My years of collected quotes on tea have been enlarged even further thanks to Google Books and lots of happy hours spent browsing old books. And as well, a thankful toast to my tea-drinking brother-from-another-mother, Rob Temple, for allowing me to use some of his Very British Problems to enhance my compilation. Lirriper's Legacy" Make tea, not war.

Back in the days it was simple. The wordsmiths and authors were the great influencers. Some of these writers were under the influence of tea when they wrote their best masterpieces. Here are 5 of my favourites:. Tea unleashes the potential which slumbers in the depth of my soul. Leo Tolstoy was considered one of the greatest writers to have ever lived. In this quote he clearly outlines the impact of tea on his work.

From the classic movie - - Mary Poppins. Do you know what happened? George W. Banks: Yes sir, yes I think I do. As the ship lay in Boston harbor, a party of colonists, dressed as Red Indians, boarded the vessel, behaved rudely, and threw all the tea overboard. This made the tea unsuitable for drinking - - even for Americans! This is livin', this is style, this is elegance by the mile.

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  1. So to celebrate our love of tea, we've rounded up 10 quotes that explain exactly how we feel about our favourite reading companion. "Rainy.

  2. If you agree there's nothing better than reading a good book while drinking a steaming cup of coffee or tea, then you will love these 10 quotes.

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