Will and ariel durant books

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will and ariel durant books

The Story of Civilization Books by Ariel Durant and Will Durant from Simon & Schuster

His second book, The Story of Philosophy , sold more than two million copies in less than three decades and was translated into several languages. The following year his only novel, Transition, appeared. It is largely an autobiographical account of his own early social, religious, and political disillusionments. This work, an expansion of the notes of a lifetime of reading modern literature, is informal and anecdotal and is aimed at the general reader. She continued as coauthor with her husband of the subsequent volumes in the series, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning 10th volume, Rousseau and Revolution They described their work together in A Dual Autobiography
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Will Durant interview - retrospective on humanity

Will Durant and Ariel Durant

The Story of Civilization , by husband and wife Will and Ariel Durant , is an volume set of books covering Western history for the general reader. The series was written over a span of more than four decades. It totals four million words across nearly 10, pages, with 2 further books in production at the time of the authors' deaths. However, the series ends with The Age of Napoleon because the Durants both died — she in her 80s and he in his 90s — before they could complete additional volumes. They also left behind notes for a 12th volume, The Age of Darwin , and an outline for a 13th, The Age of Einstein , which would have taken The Story of Civilization to

There stand the Durants, serene and complete, as I make my way through their pages. These single-volume or multi-volume combinations of command and concision — purportedly comprehensive knowledge, systematically arranged and neatly packaged — provided assurance to their readers that everything they needed to make sense of the world or some particular aspect of it could be found within the covers of these books. For many, simply possessing these books was assurance enough. This was tangibly demonstrated to me as I made my way through the first volume of the set I purchased. Due to a printing error, an entire quire of pages was missing from the volume. The paging jumped from page 30 to page 63, proceeded from there up to page 92, and then repeated pages before moving on in sequence for the rest of the volume.

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  1. He became best known for his work The Story of Civilization , 11 volumes written in collaboration with his wife, Ariel Durant , and published between and

  2. Will Durant, a historian and philosopher who won a Pulitzer Prize with his wife, Ariel, for a volume of their ''Story of Civilization,'' died late yesterday.

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